Saturday, 27 June 2009

Is cheating acceptable?

I know, a bit of a deep question, and my simple answer to the question is.......only when playing cheat, [the card game.] Otherwise, no I don't think it is.
This is my belief anyway, and I found out the hard way.
Mind you, some people just don't learn, do they?
I really suppose it depends how you were brought up, and if the values your parents taught you have any impact at all in your life.
So, when faced with the situation where I knew cheating would be taking place, and I knew I would end up hurt, feeling a bad about myself, I said "no". I realise the other person may not be awfully happy about this, but if they really are as honest as they say they are, it will make them think about what they were suggesting.
But, I can just about manage to play a game of cheat without giving myself away these days. I never win, but who cares, it's just a game and doesn't affect other people's lives. Perhaps that was what the person making the suggestion to me was thinking about their suggestion? If so, I feel quite sorry for them, because things that directly, or indirectly affect other people, are not games, at least they aren't to me. When you start to play with other people's lives in order to enjoy yourself, not caring who you hurt, you start to lose your humanity.
Just my opinion, but I won't change my mind about this particular situation.
In case you want to play "cheat" the card game, and don't know the rules, click here.


Michael Gradwell said...

This sounds like one of the questions you get in a magazine interview and it is usually near the end of a series of questions. The answers given are usually 'no' or 'only to protect others'. I don't tend to read answers that say 'cheating is great'.

I prefer honesty because I can't play cheat either. Even if cheating does help some people, by definition others are harmed and the opinions given in magazines are generally the opposite of how cheating usually works as there is a tendency to put self-interest first.

The problem here is that you were the one to be hurt. They may well defend themselves by saying they are doing it for the best of reasons and overall the results are good (small consolation). However once you know someone is a cheat then you may have doubts about their motives for anything they do.

Sea said...

Exactly!...He may have been honest with me, but there were other's who could possibly get hurt.
And..perhaps I'm too soft-hearted, but I look beyond the immediate in somse situations.