Friday, 5 June 2009

Good news, bad news

The good news is the doctor agrees with me, and I am off work for a short while with stress.
The bad news, Mum phoned me this morning to let me know that my sister's brother-in-law has died. It is a shock in a way, and yet not at the same time.
Mark was in the same year as myself at college, and we introduced Ann and Paul to each other at a disco, the rest as they say, is history. Mark was best man at their wedding in February 1980, and I was bridesmaid.
He has been quite ill for some time, repeatedly being admitted to hospital. So in that way, it wasn't a shock, but ...he would have been 50 in November this year, not really a great age these days. I do regret not having been down to see him while he has been ill, but then again, I haven't been anywhere much myself, not having been in that good health lately.
He will be missed at Michelle's wedding in August of this year.

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