Sunday, 3 May 2009

Spring Bank Holiday Monday

Tomorrow is Spring Bank Holiday Monday, perhaps I should say early Spring Bank.
Our bank holidays could do with being a little more spaced out, but they aren't. They are like buses, you wait ages for one, then several come at once. Seeing as I work in a school in the UK, I'm not that bothered at the between times from late Spring Bank and August Bank holiday, just the long stretch between going back to school in September is broken only by the autumn break. For people who work all year, and only get the standard 4 weeks holiday allowance, this is a long slog, without a break, right up until Xmas.
If they were to create another bank holiday I think it should be, perhaps in November, to break things up a little. I mean, here in the UK, we celebrate Guy Fawkes night/bonfire night, and have done for years, why not make that a bank holiday? I know there is a group trying to get St George's Day recognised as bank holiday,but March/April/May already has 4 bank holidays, and if Easter falls late, as it can do the two would collide, as my sister was born on Easter Monday, (a bank holiday here,) so which would we "hold"? Or would the extra day be tacked on. I am not arguing against that idea because I don't recognise St George's Day. After all,, having my sister celebrate her birthday, having been in both Brownies and Guides, and my Dad having been through the scout route, right up to Queen's scout, we acknowledge St George's Day. This year I even put a red rose on my cardigan. I'm arguing against it from the point of common sense, this time of year has a glut of bank holidays already. The early one we have tomorrow was first given in 1977 to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee, and has been one ever since. So....if the men in suits ever see fit to settle on another bank holiday, make it November when everyone could do with a day off just to relieve the monotony of the long stretch between August and Xmas.


Blue said...

I guess our monotony is balanced by having both Labor Day (September and provided the school begins classes before Labor Day) and Thanksgiving Day off from school. You could always celebrate Thanksgiving Day with us as the day you kicked all the undesirables from your shores. LOL

Sea said...

Sounds like and excellent idea