Monday, 4 May 2009

Things about me [1]

Thought I'd occasionally put things here, just about me. So, here goes.

I love to read, and can't remember not being able to read. At primary school I do remember flying through the school "reading scheme". So much so that I finished it by the time I had finished year 4, I would have been no older than 8, as my birthday is late on in the school year. From then on I was allowed to read whatever I wanted from the school library, tiny, and helped by listening to the remedial readers. I also read all the books in the village library for children, back then the children's books were very limited in range.
By the time I started secondary school, aged 11, I had moved on to adult books, and started reading my way through a lot of Jean Plaidy's books, most of John Wyndham's, and I know that I read practically every book on the CSE literature reading list.
When I started college I still read on the way to college on the bus, and the way home. Same thing starting work. For two years I worked in Lancaster, and used to travel from home in Catterall and back every day, reading to pass the journey.
Whenever I go on holiday I pack my current book, and at least two others to read. When I went in hospital to have my ankle operation, books and something to keep my brain occupied were as important to me as a dressing gown and nighty.
My idea of hell is somewhere with nothing to read. I once was invited to a friend's house, I thought just for tea, but they asked me to spend the night and next day there as well. The only thing I could track down in the house to read was my friend's mobile phone handbook. I got very fidgetty. My friend asked me to play on the PS1 with them, but they were playing a role play game, and I was crap at it, I prefer puzzle type games.
So now, if I go somewhere...I nearly always have a book with me. Perhaps I should leave on in my car in a glass case, with a little hammer beside fire things case of emergency...break glass.
So.....there you have it, am a self-confessed bookacholic! And I NEVER want to be cured, I can think of much worse things to be.

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Blue said...

I'm with you! Never want to be cured.