Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I live in a coastal town in the North West of England, and something has puzzled me for quite while. Being a "seaside" town, there are quite a few hotels and boarding houses. This isn't something that has struck me over night, but something that I have wondered about for ages. The are the usual names, such as Sea Crest, Sunset, and a whole gamut of late Victorian names, such as Marlborough, Wellington. Those I'm OK with, but it is some of the others I really wonder about. There are some called names such as Luxor, Newlyn, St Ives and other far flung holiday destinations. Yes....there are one's called Lakes View, or Fell View, but they can actually be seen.
It does make me wonder if somewhere in Luxor there is a bed and breakfast establishment called the Morecambe.......what do you think?

Just curious, that's all.


Blue said...


ambermoggie said...

There wasn't when I last went there but you never know:) I often wonder what Sea shelt means on the hotel in Regent Road

Sea said...

There are no longer any hotels/B& B places on Regent Road...due to many reasons...many of the hotles have been compulsory purchased, and "regenerated", as part ownership homes.

Sea said...

Poor old SeaShelt is awaiting regeneration. Looks rather sad