Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The vagaries of power companies.

As I was listening to the news earlier on, I noted that one of the power companies is cutting the price of their electric to the general public. It made me wonder why....gas and electric prices go up in the colder months, and the companies are able to make price cuts during the warmer months? I know it is a case of supply and demand, but surely people would stay loyal to their chosen company for longer if the price was cut over the colder months of the year when the householder uses more? Mind you...what a very silly thought, they wouldn't then be able to make the huge profits they are always reporting. After all, they never report they have made a loss....and when their raw material prices go down, the price of electric or gas doesn't immediately drop....no...they wait a good while to pass the saving on to the householder.
That's it...gripe over for now.
Just wouldn't life be simpler if it worked the obvious way, rather than the way to make maximum profit, for the least number of people?

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