Sunday, 19 April 2009

Part of my target reached...yay!!!!

you may wonder...what target?

I have just had two weeks off work, during which I intended to get some work done in the back bedroom, soon to be Edwin's new room.
Below is what I hoped to do
1) Paint woodwork of cupboard framework.
2) find suitable wood for shelves as in 1)
3) Source and attach doors to cupboard.
4) Cut, paint and fasten to wall baton for curtain rail
5) Attach curtain rail to 4)
6) Make curtains
7) hang curtains
8) Arrange, buy and have carpet fitted.

These jobs should have taken no more than a few days, unfortunately a really bad cold, then sciatica put paid to my plans.
I have however managed to get the curtains ready, and the curtain rail is ready to put up, more or less, but I can only say I have completed item 6 on the list. Still better than a slap in the belly with a wet kipper, as an old friend of mine used to say. I may have enough wood stashed away, and didn't realise. Ah well!
Maybe it will get done soon.
The plan was get it all ready so that when Edwin came back from Scotland, he would be surprised and all that remained would be to move his stuff in.

And on a totally different note, the dogs were clipped yesterday, and both look very smart. And I am sure secretly they are pleased the were clipped, as the weather has just turned quite warm, and Shadow looked like a teddy bear.

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Blue said...

Awww I missed my fuzzy Shadow. Give her kisses for me. :D