Monday, 11 May 2009

Not my fault!

Ok, I just pulled some knitting back that just didn't seem to be going right.
So...instead I decided to start a scarf from a book I found on Chronic Knitting Syndrome's blog.
I don't know which to tackle first, except I can see me tackling a few of them. I have never really knitted on dp's, but have used circular needles, so knitting these scarves will be a learning curve for me, I hope not too steep.
I have started one of the scarves, a very simple one, with staggered blocks, in the blessed wool that has been driving me around the bend. I think I will probably just end up knitting squares for the leaf blanket I keep knitting a bit for every now and again.
However, I will tackle scarves from the book, and share pictures of them here.

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Blue said...

Can't wait to see them!!!