Monday, 11 May 2009

Things about me [2]

Something else, besides having nothing to read, bugs me to bits. I hate it when my hands have nothing to do. At some points in the past I have fiddled like mad with my puzzle ring, to such an extent that I can almost put my puzzle ring back together without even looking. Came in very handy a few years back when I was in a jewellers, and a man came in...with a gold version of my ring...undone...I put it together in less than a minute..after the assistant told him there was nothing she could do.
But....I digress! I hate not having something to keep my hands and brain active. That is probably why I enjoy needlecraft. If you dropped me on a desert island with the requisite cookery book, some books to read and some needlecraft...I probably wouldn't even notice I was alone. Chuck in something to write on as well...and you might be able to leave me there.
Should I be letting you know all this? You know just how to torture me now....***chuckle***

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Blue said...

A cookery book... but no pots and pans. Hmmmmm lol