Sunday, 30 August 2015

Customer feedback

So, I'm sure that I'm not alone in buying things via the internet.
I wonder if you've noticed the neediness of Amazon.
You visit Amazon, select the item, pay for it by your preferred method, within minutes you will probably have a confirmation email in your inbox, confirming your order, and estimated delivery date.  Amazon is not alone in this sequence of events, it's more or less the same whatever retailer you choose to buy from, but I think that Amazon is the most needy for feedback, they want to know about packaging, delivery date, etc.
If you were buying these items from a shop, Amazon's behaviour would be equivalent to the owner, or manager, of the shop chasing you down the street asking for feedback, ringing your doorbell after a space of time.
If you just ponder this, I'm sure the mental image you conjure up will make you smile, at least.

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