Sunday, 20 September 2015

An apology.

Wow! Here we, almost at the autumn equinox. (It's officially Wednesday, according to the diary.)
I started back at work on September 2nd, but have been so busy every day.  I'm not complaining, I hate having nothing to do at work. I will look for things, but that hasn't been an issue so far this school year.  The work that I have been doing is work that needs to be done.
The restructuring is being pushed through, when our union rep from the local branch office came in, I believe that she wasn't happy with how things are being done.
Tomorrow looks to be another busy day as well.
I've been trying out some new to me recipes, all of which have worked.
Shadow has had to visit the vet's though.  She has a grade 4 heart murmur, fluid on her lung, and her circulation is not what it could be.  She's currently on two lots of medication, one for her heart and one for her circulation.  We go back on October 2nd, when the vet will check her over.
There's been a lot going on here, but nothing much today. Just usual Sunday jobs, I might bake in a short while.

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