Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Going off on a tangent, or am I?

After reading about the stone skimming championship events that sparked yesterday's post, I found myself mulling over the technical aspects of stone skimming.
You may, or may not, know that Oliver, one of my son's, is a physicist, and that I work in the maths department at school as part of my job.
I pictured the maths teachers, some of who have engineering backgrounds, sitting down working out the optimum angle and speed to pitch the stone in order for it to bounce the maximum number of times.......then I realised that the technical aspects reach further, and maybe a physicist would get more accurate results.  Taking into consideration the size, shape, and weight of the stone required.
And then I pictured all these mathematicians, engineers and scientists attending the championship event, and getting really fantastic results......it being incredibly tense as who would win, and then after they all have pitched their stones, a little urchin child comes up, picks up a random stone, pitches it, and beats the lot of them.
I wonder if that is what will happen?
There's only one way to find out, and that's go to the Fellfoot event. The one at Easdale is a bit too off the beaten track from here.

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