Friday, 14 August 2015

Cold calling.....revisited. (I'm sure that I have blogged about this before.)

So...I was in the bathroom when the phone rang.  I was/am expecting a call from a friend, so I called to Edwin to get the call.
When I got there I heard Edwin say, "well she's here now".  So, the person had asked for me by name, they had my phone number as well.  (I do have telephone preference service, which is supposed to get rid of cold calls.)
So as far as I'm concerned I was quite within my rights, my phone, my peace disturbed, to ask where they got my number from.  As my number is unlisted, someone has given/sold it to them.
The man had the cheek to state that I was being rude!  I did get cross, as he just said that it was on a piece of paper in front of him...which on reflection sounds like someone passed it to him on a grubby piece of paper, torn from the corner of an envelope.
So next time I get a call like that, I'll ask for their superior's name, and to be put through to them......or ask for their home phone number, so that I can bug them at home.

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