Monday, 10 August 2015

Any good at stone skimming?

I heard about this on the news today.
On Sunday 27th of September 2015, the national stone skimming championship will be held.
How do I qualify?
Do I need to be a professional stone skimmer?
These are all questions I hear being asked.
The answers can be found at this web address,
If you don't have time to look.
Championship is open for up to 350 competitors, no experience, (professional status not required, as there is none,) just turn up at Easdale Island Community Hall in Argyllshire, on the day before 1pm and register.

So....what are you waiting for?  Close down your computer....NOW!  And get out there practising.
I do hope it makes the news on that day.
Happy skimming.....oh, and this is my 700th post.

There's also the National stone skimming championship at Fellfoot in the Lake District this month.

Sorry, the one at Easdale, in Scotland are the World stone skimming championship.  I apologize for the mix up.

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