Saturday, 22 August 2015


Isn't it funny that we have no control over what we dream about?
Take last night, I had two very vivid dreams that frightened me.  One much more than the other.
The first one, I suppose, was a variation on a common dream "theme" that I tend to dream of. Just a different, but familiar, background, if that makes sense?  I often dream that I am somewhere that I am familiar with, but when I take a path that I know goes in a certain direction, I end up somewhere miles away from where I expected, ( and need,) to be.
Perhaps this is my subconscious bring up things that are going on in my life?
The other dream, I was caught up in some sort of revolt and was being treated as the "enemy".  I was about to be restricted in my movement, and just about to be when I woke.
In the first dream, I always wake before things get too bad, although last night I was very lost, and I kept taking paths that I was sure went where I wanted to be, only to find myself further away with each turn, just as you often do when following a maze.
This is probably just what I said, my mind mulling over problems in my life that I currently have no control over.

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