Sunday, 30 August 2015

Two days left

This time Tuesday, I'll be making sure that I have everything in my bag ready for returning to work on Wednesday.
It could be a tense start to the new school year. What with the date for any voluntary redundancies having passed during the summer break, which was unfair, as there was no opportunity to consult with the union, an "imminent" Ofsted inspection, ( although why this should be a worry, I am not sure.....Ofsted seem to have shortened the length of time between visits, so we should be more used to them,) and lastly, a colleague has died over the summer break. As far as I know they weren't ill, at any rate, they hadn't been off I'll.
But, it will be good to get back into a routine, even though my pain relief injection has worn off.  I will just have to pace myself.
I do have an appointment with the consultant anaesthetist, and am on the waiting list for another injection.
So, I should make the most of the next couple of days.

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