Saturday, 27 April 2013

How do you like your toast?

Apparently how you like your toast is a clear indicator of what class you are.
Really?   I hear you say.
OK, let's ask...How do you like your toast?
Warm, and buttered whilst still warm?
Cold, hard and cracking when you butter it?  (or inedible as the survey said)

Well....How do you like your toast?

Apparently working class people like their toast warm, with butter melting into it, the upper classes prefer their toast cold, hard and inedible.

What I think is the actual difference here is that working class people sit in the kitchen where the toast is made, and therefore have access to yummy, edible, warm, buttered toast whilst the upper classes sit in their breakfast rooms awaiting delivery of their toast from a distant kitchen!

This is one instance where although we might be worse off financially, at least we know how to enjoy our if you are upper class...use your Sat Nav and find the way into your kitchen and have a taste of what you have been missing!

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