Friday, 5 April 2013

Strange pet for the circumstances

Is it just me, or am I correct in thinking that this particular pet is a strange choice.
Someone I know is around 20 weeks pregnant, and has got themselves a pet python. 
To me it seems a very strange choice of pet to have around a small child, unless it is never under any circumstances to be taken out of it's vivarium.
My reasons for thinking it is a strange choice.
1)snakes eat live prey by swallowing it whole
2) Pythons kill/immobilise their prey by squeezing
3) unlike a dog I don't think a python, or any type of snake will respond to verbal commands, as a dog does.  Therefore, if your snake gets hold of something it is unlikely you would get it back unharmed.

All I can say is, snakes are not obedient pets and I hope nothing untoward happens.

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