Saturday, 20 April 2013

It always surprises me

What does?   I can hear you asking yourselves now.
When someone asks my age and then doesn't believe me when I answer.
I know that I do look on the young side for my age.
I always have.
I remember visiting my brother on his ship when it docked in Liverpool, not long after he'd joined the Royal Navy.  Back then he was on a weapons tester, HMS Penelope.  We went down to his mess, and were introduced to some of his crew mates.
I remember one asking Ann, my younger sister, how old she was.  She answered 14, so the sailor asking turned to me and said, "Well that means you're 12 then" (Obviously Chris' had told them that his sisters were two years apart in age.)
At age 23 I had a 16 year old boy chatting me up and asking me out, he was shocked when I told him my age, his Dad was teaching me to drive, so he presumed that I'd just turned 17.
At that time I'd also got on a bus and been asked if I was half fare. So shocked I aid no and paid full fare.
Since then I have had my age underestimated several times.
The latest was today when I was walking Shadow and Spark, this man started talking to me, and asked my age, when I answered, he said he wouldn't have put me any older than around 35.  To convince him I told him that my daughter is 26 in June.
Ah, well!   I wonder what will happen when I'm old enough to get OAP fare on the bus, will I have to carry something stating my age?

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