Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Are we decent?

Well, I am. On the very odd occasion I have had to go out with my nightwear on, I have covered it up with day time clothes, a skirt and a coat covering a night dress, or pyjamas.  ( I do tend to wear long skirts)
But around where I live I have recently noticed young women, and some not so young, walking around in what is quite obviously their nightwear.
Why is it obvious, because no one walks around with teddy bears on their trousers, unless they are less than two years old.
And I do have a pair of the boot variety of slippers, but I don't walk around outside in them.  I can't walk so far without my insoles, and the floppy nature of the slippers would not support my ankle enough.  The people I see out in these have usually trampled them sideways, or the backs down.
And these people usually are wearing an obvious wraparound dressing gown, you know the type, the style that used to be just for bathrobes, but is now almost universally used as a dressing gown.

After seeing more than one on several concurrent days, I mentioned it to my Mum when I spoke to her.  She said, partly in jest , I think.  "perhaps it's a new fashion trend."
So I looked online, and yes, it was started by certain famous women around two years ago, but they were wearing silk pyjamas that were too pretty to sleep in, as lounging daywear.  I did find a picture of a certain male person wearing silk pyjamas and silk dressing gown...All I can say is I am glad I wasn't about to eat, as the sight turned my stomach.

So... I came to the conclusion that ...yes there is a fashion trend for wearing your pyjamas in public, but what the people around here need to get their heads around is....the PJ's should be pretty and not have the ..."just crawled out of a jumble sale reject pile look" about them.  Oh, and the pictures I found...the pretty PJ's were dressed up further by heels and jewellery.
There might be a very valid reason for these young women to have been outside in their nightwear, but unless it was a matter of life and death, they really should have got dressed before going out.

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Blue said...

It's a very common sight here in the US to see the *coughs* lower class variety of folk prancing around in public in PJs. And most of the time they are rather childish looking, even on women who are far beyond childhood.