Saturday, 11 May 2013

My kind of weather

OK, it's the 11th May today, and here in Morecambe we have what can only be termed "Autumnal weather".  There is a very strong wind, that is gusting, and it has been raining.  The rain, I can take or leave, but the wind always makes me feel invigorated.  I'm sure there are many people who would think I'm crazy for loving windy, gusty weather, but to me it always feels like it is blowing away the stale air, and maybe stale ideas, scouring the area so it is ready to accept new ideas, and new events.
I have had a walk along the prom and the wind is playing with the sea, teasing it into waves with sea foam along the top of them, and as they hit the sea wall, the reflected waves are making lovely pointed waves topped with more sea foam, as they meet with the incoming waves.
In my book, a perfect Autumn day, plucked from the back end of the year and dropped into spring.
There are even some brave kite surfers out on the bay enjoying the wind.

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