Saturday, 16 February 2008

Young Love!!

Valentine's day...despite having a bf for over two years..I didn't even get a call. Strange, you must think, but he sometimes goes abroad..and we don't communicate for well over a week.
Anyway, that is not what I wanted to write about.
On Thursday it was Valentine's day, as if any living breathing person could ignore it?
My youngest son spoilt his girlfriend rotten..there is no other explanation for it....if I was his gf..I'd have been over the moon. She got a handmade card,a lovely squishy teddy bear, a box of chocs and a lovely handmade picture of a panda...made from scratch by my youngest..then on top of that..he took her to the local Italian restruant for a meal. I really hope she knows what a lucky girl she is..although they are very deeply attached, and I know she does.
Over the last few months the two of them have become very close, and his gf has been through some very difficult times, and I know that if my son hadn't been there for her things would have been much worse. They are keeping each other happy, and I hope it carrys on. Right now, they are both away at her paternal grandparent's house..and am missing him already. Wednesday, and my "peace" will be shattered.
night all

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