Sunday, 17 February 2008

Funny day

Today has been a funny day, funny peculiar, not funny haha.
The youngest is away for a few days, and this morning I ran my daughter to the train station, so that she could catch the train to Manchester, to go to a gig with her other brother. It's Oliver's birthday tomorrow, and it will be the first time I haven't been there on his birthday.
When you become a parent you expect the eldest to leave home first, but I know that doesn't always pan out. He's away at university, which isn't quite the same.
Anyway, with everyone away, I decided I was going to have a tiny bit of a pampering day. Apart from walking the dogs I have had a relaxing day. I even used a facemask..not a usual thing for me to do, as I don't wear make-up I think it was possibly a waste of time. Had a soak in the bath, had a take away and watched Crocodile Dundee II , as it was on TV.
It felt really peculiar, because I never expected to be alone as much as I am my age. Although I have a lovely boyfriend, we spend a lot of time apart, and some days it just feels like I'm going to be alone forever, mind you, that is greatly preferable to where I was 10 years ago.
I'm sure things will work out...eventually.


Blue said...

Sometimes I still believe my soulmate is out there... but at 36 all I ever see is the shortening of the time we will have to spend together. If we find each other.

Sea said...

I know I've found mine, just the being together part is taking it's time.