Saturday, 23 February 2008


This weekend has been quite a noisy one. Oliver came home for a couple of days, think to play with his birthday pressie I got him. A crash cymbal, so now his drum kit has new cymbals, new drumskins all apart from the bass drum, and the bass drum still has a stuffed camel in it, to stop it being so noisy.
After he played his drums, Oliver played his guitar, although the other two both have electric guitars, and other instruments, Oliver is the one who plays most days. Perhaps thats why he is on the top floor in his hall of residence. he's got his other guitar and bongos there, as wellas a practise drum pad

Anyway, he's back to Manchester on Monday, flying visit this time, but Easter is only three more weeks off. Then he'll probably be back for three weeks. I know he's enjoying himself, and the "Mum, how do I cook.....? " phone calls have lessened, and he can cook quite well now, as I found out at Xmas, when I couldn't do anything.

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