Thursday, 7 February 2008


I never thought about it before the other week, but the majority of UK houses have stairs, mine has rather a lot, it being a three storey terrace.
Why have I picked now to mention this?
Well, when Blue was staying last week, she claimed my stairs would "kill" her, as she was stopping in Oliver's room, whilst he is away.
I really never considered it before, even when I couldn't put my foot on the floor for 6 weeks. Stairs are just a part of my life.
I have 2 steps into the house at both the back and front. There are stairs into the cellar, a spilt flight to the first floor, and same again to second floor. Oh! and two from the half landing to the study and bathroom.
The only time there haven't been stairs were when I was very young, we lived in a bungalow, and on holiday sometimes.

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Blue said...

My poor knees will never be the same. LOL I love your house.