Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Walking a tightrope

Sometimes, you chat to people and you see their reactions. If they are sat in the same room as you. And you know the people well enough, and if you can read body language, you can tell by the reaction that you might have hit a raw nerve.
But....if you chat online, you have to be aware. If you have studied English language you are at an advantage, because people say certain things when they wish to close a subject. I'm not going to say what, as it doesn't always work like that, but I am fairly good at telling when people have frozen me out.
So, when you are talking to someone online, it's like walking a tightrope, you have to feel your way. You might start talking about something, and they shut the conversation down, and because they have done that, they don't see exactly what you are saying, as they shut their mind to the next part of the conversation, as they think it is going to relate a happy ever after scenario they don't believe in...when in is something completely different.
Also, I'd never be so insensitive to rub a happy ever after scenario in someone's face, when they are obviously angry at the whole of the opposite sex. Mind you...I haven't been through things they have, but conversely..they haven't been through what I put up with for 15 years for the sake of my children. Relationships are hard..they are tightropes as well, in some cases.......sometimes you get a nice wide flat rope..other times you get a piece of thread so fine it cuts into your feet.
This might not make sense to some, but to other's they will know exactly what I am talking about.

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