Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I guessed this months ago

There's an article on the Yahoo homepage today about Boris Johnson.
When I saw the headline I wondered if he'd read my blog and thought, "You know what? I think I'd make a pretty good Prime Minister, too" 
But no, if you read the article it will tell you that Boris has always had high ambitions.
What do others think of Boris' ambition? 
I wonder what David Cameron thinks? 

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walker531 said...

Boris may well be quite astute under his outward appearance of being a happy-go-lucky guy who wants to brighten up the world. The non-serious approach that he adopts may work well for him initially if he was to mount a challenge, as people may think that a Boris PM is too ridiculous a concept to contemplate (as Ken Livingstone probably did). Once his intentions become clear, if he does intend to run, he would probably find it much more difficult to develop his campaign. He is an ideal target, as a figure of fun, for opposition politicians and the media. I think that most people would find it difficult to imagine him sitting down with world leaders having serious, intelligent, conversations (although George Bush got away with it!). I think that he won the mayoral election because people saw that he could make some popular changes, and would do it in a fun way, but that he wouldn't have too much power to derail things completely. He might not get the same response if he was to run the whole country and have his finger on the nuclear button! (you never know though, he might get rid of the bomb). It would certainly be different with Boris as PM, and it could be quite fun - he has done some good things in London. We could do with more fun.

He could have been putting on an act all this time though, and turn into serious Boris if he got the job!!