Tuesday, 12 March 2013

And Facebook spies on you too!

But ...Hey! That's no big surprise.  How many times have you logged in and there are "tailored" adverts down the sides of the page.  At one point I looked on we buy any car dot com and for months afterwards they kept offering to buy my car, and those adverts popped up anywhere and everywhere.

My reason for mulling this over is that I read this article on Yahoo's homepage.  Facebook have been rather sneaky since they changed everyone's walls to timelines.  And if you read any news stories, entertainment stories, etc, they will pop up on your timeline unless you click the button and  class your browsing as private.
This particular story states how which "likes" you click on can help people analyse your character with scary accuracy.
Surely the answer to this is think at least twice before you click any like buttons, after all, if anyone can see it, it follows without really saying, that your likes help form a picture of you.
So, just think twice before clicking that like button.....yes....you might get let's say, a free sample of a certain chocolate product, (I don't know if any like buttons will give you that,) but apparently it all helps build up a profile of you, and if you have not committed any crimes why does anyone need a profile of you?

Just as an afterthought, you could deliberately give someone the wrong impression with your Likes, if you wanted to.  I wonder if there are people out there crazy enough to do that.  For instance deliberately click on the Like buttons of polar opposites .  But that's just the wicked, (as in mischievous,) side of me showing.

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