Wednesday, 13 March 2013


The people who live close by are a constant source of entertainment and some of them have some very curious habits.
In summer, you could just be entertained by the live soap opera playing around me.
One of my neighbours has for some reason got bin bags full of cans in their yard.  I can only guess that they are saving them up and will eventually take them to Morecambe Metals to weigh them in, and benefit from them a second time.  I might be wrong, they could just be very eccentric.  This same neighbour also had a room packed full of toilet rolls at one point.  If you looked up at the window all you could see was toilet rolls.  All sorts of reasons went through my mind as to why the room was packed with toilet rolls.  One being, it wasn't packed, just lined and it was the equivalent of a padded cell.  Another, they were expecting a diarrhoea epidemic and they were stockpiling against the inevitable shortage that would ensue.  I'm surer if I thought hard I could come up with other reasons to have a room packed with toilet rolls. 
Another incident that was semi entertaining was around Xmas.  Someone rang my front doorbell, so I answered it only to be asked what I wanted.  The person who had rung the bell was very drunk, and I asked what he wanted, and he told me I was in the wrong house.  He then staggered back onto the footpath, and then, for some unknown reason decided to climb up the scaffolding that was up against my neighbour's house.  This man was having trouble standing up straight on solid ground, and he decided to climb scaffolding?  (It was in the process of being taken down and had no guard rails on it.)  I told him not to, he just swore at me, so I closed the curtains so I couldn't see him, and rang the police.  I don't know if they came or not, but I reported it just in case he fell off.

The toilet roll mystery has been cleared up, partially.  The person used to work in a toilet paper factory...but.....I still don't see why two people needed so much toilet paper.  Perhaps they paid him in part with toilet paper?

Another thing puzzles me, why some of the neighbours insist on trying to do a three point turn between parked cars, when if they reversed a short way they could just reverse round. In fact it looked like two cars were having a "who can do a three point turn in the smallest space" contest the other night.

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