Sunday, 3 March 2013

Body spray?

When I was little I used to watch Mum and Dad putting the finishing touches before they went out. Make up, the bare minimum in Mum's case and just a splash of aftershave for Dad.
What I do remember is that they used "just a splash" as too much can be overwhelming.  Also, I was told if you are eating out you should keep perfume, (aftershave in the man's case,) to a bare minimum so as not to spoil the food.
Why am I musing about this?
Because it now seems to be the norm to douse yourself in it, or the body sprays.  I think some of the young people today use it in place of having a good wash.
I hate it when they do this at school, as it is very cloying and makes me have to use my inhaler.  The worst of it is when they blithely spray in the food room, disregarding the fact you shouldn't spray near foods and the fact both myself and the teacher have asthma.  (We have even dismissed certain cleaning products as they make us both cough and wheeze.)
Body spray, perfume and aftershave are meant to help attract the opposite sex, not repel.  And I am well aware that some people douse themselves in order to disguise the smell of cigarette smoke. I've got a better idea, don't smoke!
And the other point is, if you have a good quality aroma, you only need too use a little as it stays around for longer.  In fact I have a perfume that I can still smell the day after, and after I have washed.


walker531 said...

You should try being in the adult mens' changing rooms. Even the big butch men feel the need to spray for up to a minute, choking everyone. They must all have nice breath, given the amount of spray that they breathe in!

Sea said...

Walker 531...I have no reason to be in the adult male changing room...I'm sure the spray is awful...but sense should tell these kids that spraying in the food room is seriously wrong! and hygene primarilily...mine and the teachers health as well!!!!!