Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Will "twilight" fans be disappointed?

After putting Twilight in my post title, I've probably lost a lot of readers, but don't give up hope.  Please read on.
At the end of March there will be a film released that is based on a Stephanie Meyer novel.  Most people know Stephanie Meyer as the author of the Twilight saga, and might presume that this film is in the same vein.  If you are a reader and read the book the film is based on, and have read the Twilight books, and can tell an author's style, it will be obvious that is by Meyer, but The Host is an adult book
I had no trouble reading it, as I had only read one of the Twilight saga at the time, but a friend, Fluffy, had read the Twilight saga several times over and had to try several times before she could read the novel through.  It isn't difficult going, no, not at all.  Just the setting is somewhat bleak at the start.
If you are expecting Vampires, Werewolves and their ilk, you WILL be disappointed by The Host.  However, if you are a fantasy/futuristic fan and keep that mind open, you will probably thoroughly enjoy The Host. I'm torn between trying to watch it at the pictures, or waiting for the DVD.

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