Friday, 22 February 2013

Who names cars?

I don't mean names their individual cars.  All the cars I have had, of my own, have been named.
No, what I mean is who thinks up the names for the various types of cars?
It is obviously not children, apart from the fact that children don't work in the civilised world.  If children named cars we would be driving around in cars with names like a Vauxhall jelly bean, a Ford candy floss, a Volkswagen puppy.  Kids would name cars after their favourite things
The people at Mercedes, Volvo, Audi are obviously far too busy to think up names as their cars just have numbers, letters or a combination of both allocated to them. Similarly the guys at Aston Martin just use a combination of letters and numbers.
Why I wonder did Ford call one of their first cars a model T Ford?  Wasn't it actually meant to be driven?  What happened to the models A through to S?
My current car has the name and a number, which is odd because Rover used to name their cars. Did Rover fall out with naming their cars towards the end?
I do seem to remember that when Fiat first launched their Panda, there was something to do with WWF, but perhaps that was just if you got the one with the actual panda livery. They have evolved since they were first launched back in the early 80s.
One last thought to leave you with though. 
Do you think the people who work at Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, SAAB and Peugeot call their offspring by numbers and letters rather than names?

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