Wednesday, 13 February 2013


It was pancake day yesterday, and because Edwin is now away at uni I thought I'd either not bother, or buy some ready made ones.  Because, although I am confident with most stuff in the kitchen, I am absolutely useless at making pancakes.  All three of my children are good at making pancakes as a result. ROFL....well they had to learn how to make them, or do without
I opted for buying some ready made pancakes, and I really wish I hadn't bothered as while they might be pancakes, they are not the usual ones made in the UK. 
Pancakes are made with a batter, and could be made into Yorkshire puddings instead of pancakes.  But these ones didn't look like the ones made from standard batter, and when I looked at the list of ingredients, there's sugar in them.  I can tell you now, they certainly made my savoury filling taste odd. time, I'll either make scotch pancakes, which I can make, or do without.

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