Monday, 11 February 2013

Horsemeat contamination

So, over the past few weeks the general public have found out that there has been horsemeat in certain pre-prepared food products...i.e. convenience foods.
I can see why a single person would pick up a frozen lasanga for one, rather than make it for themselves....BUT, if they went to the trouble, in my case, pleasure, of making their own bolognese sauce.  They could then make it into lasanga for one meal, spaghetti bolognese for another, and maybe add some herbs and spies to make it into chilli for another meal, and cottage pie for a fourth meal.  That is four decent meals from 450g of minced beef, which has to be minced beef or the supplier gets into trouble for selling things under false pretences. 
Similarly, you can quickly and easily make your own burgers. OK they might not be as firm and compact as commercial ones, but just what do they put in them to achieve the firmness?
As I've said before..part of my job is in the food room room at a local high school, and the burgers...when the pupils make their own, do have bits break off them during cooking, but only disintegrate if they are continually flipped.
The question is....Do you want to know what exactly is in your food, or do you want to survive on "convenience foods"?
I know which I would rather do.

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