Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

No, not the song by Small Faces, although I just has to look it up after I'd typed the title. Here's a link to it, if you've never heard it., and here's the Wiki page about it.
My title is ironic, as I have been doing housework, walking the dogs and have just settled down for a rest.
It's very quiet in the street outside, and the dogs are both curled up asleep.
It is so quiet it could be the middle of the night.
That's funny, as soon as I finished typing that there was shouting
I used to look forward to Sunday Afternoons when Zenonas was here as we would snuggle on the settee watching TV.
Now there's only myself here I can have a "lazy Sunday afternoon" on whatever day of the week I want.  After I have done the housework, and it doesn't take as long when there is only yourself to look after, I can relax and do whatever I want.
It does get boring pleasing yourself all the time and it is nice to have others around to look after.  I do like baking, and that passes the time, but seeing as I don't eat much sweet stuff, I don't bake very much these days.
I do like trying out new recipes,but then again, it takes a while to get through the results.

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