Sunday, 24 February 2013

Just who is responsible?

There's a story on Yahoo's home page at the moment, saying that Nick Clegg was unaware that the former chief executive of the Lib Dems had been accused of sexual harassment.  The story is here
I haven't read the entire article, but the phrase "responsible adult" springs to mind.  Why are the press bringing this up. The former chief executive is not Nick Clegg's responsibility, or indeed anyone's but his own.  That is unless he is what is termed a vulnerable adult himself, and I hardly think he would have held such a position if he could be looked upon as a vulnerable adult.
So, my point is, what the man did is his own responsibility, and I doubt Nick Clegg could have prevented him from acting as he had.  And leading on from this, why then are the press making a song and dance about Nick Clegg being unaware?  Don't they have some real news to report on, or is life in general so quiet at the moment that they need to write stories about things like this.  The person to blame for the sexual harassment is the person who carried it out.  And I presume he is a full grown adult man who is in control of all his faculties, and doesn't need a nursemaid to follow him around telling him what he should and shouldn't do. Although obviously it sounds like he doesn't understand the boundaries of personal space, and when it is inappropriate to invade another person's individual space.
There are too many instances like this where the buck is shuffled partly onto someone else, especially if there is a high profile person around to shuffle it towards.

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