Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with a condition called "silent reflux". In essence my stomach acid is burning my vocal chords.
Well...the consultant gave me an advice sheet......which is great...presuming I can read it....I know there are many adult illiterates, but I could.
The two sided advice note suggested diet changes......I have been doing those since April this year! also it says how I should have 2 lots of antacid/day...because I was on one dose..nothing was said. There was no suggestion I should rest my voice..or anything....only upon consulting my family doctor did I get clarification. OK the consultant was ruling out extreme nasty problems..but a bit more advice would help. I have no idea when the Speech/language/voice therapist will have a vacancy to see me...and as my sons both had speech therapy I appreciate their workload. I do not expect until Mid November...so...you might appreciate...a little more advice would have been very useful...what a shame I had to visit my family doctor...when 2-3 Min's more of the consultants time would have been enough! It took me 6 days to get an appointment with my family doctor...I appreciate that consultants are on a much higher wage...but a couple of minutes to dispense advice would have been welcomed in my case.

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