Sunday, 4 October 2009

Cold winter?

Sorry that I haven't posted for a bit. Been ill and pretty unhappy, and worried.
My voice keeps going really hoarse, the doc sent me to ENT dept at the hospital, on a two week appt. I didn't realise until a few days before the quick appt was because the doc wanted to rule out anything sinister, and then when I twigged what they wanted to rule out I got worried, as my very dear friend, Darkstormrising has just beaten throat cancer for the second time.
After a consultation with the ENT consultant I was told that I am suffering from something called silent reflux, which basically means that my stomach acid is damaging my vocal chords. I have to see a voice/speech therapist, but as I was just given a printout I thought I should try to see my doctor for further advice. I need to rest my voice when possible, take more antacids? just basic practical advice.
I have also had gastric flu, left me feeling really down.

Let's return to the title of this post, why "cold Winter?" Because it is only very early October and there have been two Vs of geese fly over already, also there is a large number of berries on the trees/bushes. So long as it is fairly dry and cold...I don't mind winter appearing early. Saying that..the conker trees seems to be keeping hold of their leaves longer than normal.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

poor thing:( Sending healing thoughts over to you.
We have seen a fair few geese already also, I love the soudn they make as they pass over on their way to feeding grounds

Sea said...

I didn't expect the cold to come quite so quickly. It happened overnight :O