Saturday, 24 October 2009

Go proselytise elsewhere.

Why do Western religions feel the need to proselytise themselves?
I don't push my beliefs in anyone's face. On paper I am Church of England, but I consider myself a Pagan. This does not mean that I have no beliefs, or make blood sacrifices, or dance around naked every full moon.
I won't say what I do, because that is private, between my goddess and myself. Consequently I wouldn't push it in anyone's face.
To my knowledge, and experience, Eastern religions do not feel the need to proselytise. I know there are the Harri Krishna group, but I don't think they actively push their beliefs. They are just visible and people become interested. [I might be wrong in this, but this is my impression.]
So....if the Mormons..or whatever they call themselves come around again during the week..I will politely point out I have my beliefs, and don't require converting, and if I wanted a "recognised religion" I would go back to the C of E, and try to work through it's hypocrisy!

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Michael Gradwell said...

Imagine you have a really beautiful piece of jewellery. Even better, think of a lovely fur coat. Now most people don't think it is lovely but some may think so. Then multiply that beauty by infinity and that's why the Mormons proselytise.

I don't admire many things about the Mormons but I do admire their willingness to knock on doors - as long as it's not yours Sea!