Thursday, 17 September 2009


We've got the inspectors in at work. Everyone is quite tense. I have worked an extra hour the last two days in order to help take the pressure off the teachers. I no longer work in the printroom, but have stayed behind to help out with the Ofsted "rush". I also tracked down one of the inspectors today, and gave him my input. Our teachers work very hard, against some situations they can often not change. My three all gained good, if not excellent, overall results. I know my daughter got as good results as her primary school best friend, and her friend went to the local girl's grammar. Samantha was also ill a lot in years 10 and 11, so considering that she did really well.
I have no complaints at all with the standard of teaching, but then again, my children are eager to learn, and will work hard.
I've spent some time tonight baking buns and scones to put in the printroom tomorrow, for any teachers who go in. The scones aren't up to my usual standard, but am sure they will just melt away. And I haven't put chocolate on the chocolate buns, but I know they will go as well.
Tomorrow night I think I might duck out of cooking and get a takeaway, bath and early night. Not sure. Am glad the inspectors are in Thursday/ the time since the inspection was announced has been hectic. It was only announced at 11.20-ish on Tuesday. None of the DT or Art teachers have been inspected as yet, we suspect that the corridor is

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