Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mind gone off at a tangent....again!

Right, I'm sat here knitting and chatting to my friend, Blue, in the USA. She left a BRB message. I carried on knitting, and my mind wandered. I'm knitting an amigurumi. [Note to self, put spelling right on Fidgetty Fingers.] but I digress.
The one I'm making is a common octopus. You work the legs first, or as some corrected me the other day, the tentacles. I have just started the 8th one and I thought I would let Edwin know that I had finished the tentacles. My brain asked me...."why aren't they octuples?" after all there are 8 of them, not 10. I answered myself...nope then they would be dectuples...or however you wanted to spell it.
So, I reached for my dictionary, and looked up what TENTACLE means.
Tentacle noun. slender flexible appendage of animal, used for feeling, grasping or moving. doesn't have a numerical meaning. I should have known that after all ten is not a Latin root.
Perhaps this is why I'm comfortable with my own company, I can entertain myself quite easily when my mind takes a wander.

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