Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Spark is cheeky

Yesterday I had a few dried apricots, there were only 5 left in the tub, so I ate them from the tub. As I picked the last one out, I put the tub down on the blue box that I use as a foot rest. Spark had been sat nearby sniffing...his nose twitching like it does when he can smell something he likes. He tipped the empty box onto the floor, and then looked me , and the apricot paused on it's way to my mouth.. He knows not to beg for food from us, as he doesn't get any, just told off for begging. But after sniffing at the box he tried to give it back to me. Yes! I gave him the last apricot, and he really enjoyed it. I'd forgotten he likes dried fruit. He deserved the apricot for being smart and amusing me.

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