Sunday, 19 July 2009

What have I done wrong?

Please can I have the last couple of days again?
It seems to be a catalogue of upsets for me.
My fridge has started leaking water on the floor.....I may be able to sort it, but might have to get a new fridge.
My pc is being the moodiest machine in the world, will switch on, or won't, depending on how tiz feeling. Calling a useless heap of junk and telling it I'd get it seen to seemed to work today, to get it to switch on.
My car has been run into......Wait a parked car...with no-one in it was crashed into by a runaway car, also with no driver in it. The owner of the other car is supposed to be sorting it out for me, she doesn't want me to go through my insurance, or hers? She has a friend who has a garage who should be able to fix it. I really hope so, would hate to have to write my car off.
That was yesterday.
This morning I have woken up with my left shoulder aching like mad and going tingly. I think I have trapped a nerve to cause the pain. Just had a warm bath to help ease it. My friend is coming to put some muscle rub on it when she returns home from the barbeque she has gone to. I think an early night is in order.


Michael Gradwell said...

If your computer is telling you that there is no paper in the printer then physically turn the monitor to face the printer and calmly say "yes there is". If you speak nicely to computers and fridges and explain the problem to them then this tends to make them work better.

Bon courage Sea(if you don't speak French there is a full explanation in my French blog on the 13th April).

Sea said...

Ok, I won't throw it out of the window. I just have to pretend I don't really care if it switches on or not. It is a problem with the switch, it has done this before, around 12 months back, the IT bloke where I work took it apart, couldn't find anything wrong, and then it started working again. I think people are right, pc's are women, moody, unpredictable, etc.