Saturday, 25 July 2009


Think I have said this before, but I do like watching Emmerdale. It has serious plot lines, alongside run of the mill ones. It was the only soap to reflect the recent local council elections.
Emmerdale has made me laugh, cry, and get annoyed..and made me happy through the years.
at the moment there is a plot line developing...and I can only see one "soap" outcome for it.
Should I get my crystal ball and shawl out...and cloak my prediction in mystery?
Nope will tell you straight what I think might happen in the next 2-4 weeks on Emmerdale...with the plot line I am referring to.

Mark Wilde...aka Daniel is Ryan's Dad. Maisie and Natasha will come back..Maisie will be interested in Ryan...and has to come out that Ryan is Mark's son....Mark will get very stressed...Natasha.... who knows...
Cain will sit on sidelines relishing the chaos.

I seriously am looking forwards to Charity's return, as it can only mean a whole new twist to the plot, and...who knows...maybe Gennie is now pregnant ?
Nothing like affairs to cause a stir!

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