Sunday, 26 July 2009

Things about me [part 5]

Think I'm up to part 5.
I don't like watching reality TV programmes, apart from one particular one.
The one I like is called Come Dine With Me. The format is quite simple, the producer picks 4 or 5 people from a town who like throwing dinner parties, think they are excellent cooks and hosts, and throughout the week each person hosts their own dinner party for the others of the group.
At the end of each dinner party the guests give the host marks out of 10, and the one with the highest vote at the end of the week wins £1000.
Why do I like this programme so much? I don't know apart from the fact the narrator/announcer talks you through each episode, making some really funny comments. It's also fun to watch people getting in a flap.
I would never be brave enough to apply to be on it, but it would be fun to see how low a mark is possible. The lowest I have seen so far is a 9, and that was from 4 guests, they'd all given really low scores. I don't know if the host receiving that mark was particularly bad, or the guests just didn't like the style of food.
Another host/contestant had a caterer come in and cook his meal, how he won I'm not sure. I'd have given him 0 or 1 for that.


Blue said...

I think that sounds like an interesting premise for reality tv. We'll have to watch it if it's still on when I visit.

Sea said...

Think it will be, the back-to-back episodes on earlier had me in stitches tonight.