Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Midori gone to be fixed

Midori is the name of my car, she's was picked up by the accident and repair people yesterday. [She's an MGZR 2ltr diesel turbo, Midori is Japanese for green.]
They left me with a courtesy car, have been told by someone that is a like for like courtesy car, but I don't like it. Blue told me off for complaining about it. I don't like it for one aesthetic reason, it's ugly, but more importantly there are at least two practical reasons I don't like it. The first being the siting of the clutch pedal, the car must be designed for people with small feet as it makes my ankle ache after driving 5 miles, and as I had an operation on my left ankle I think this is an important problem for me. The other thing that I find peculiar is, yes, the car is a five seater, and the rear seat has three full seat belts instead of a lap belt in the centre, and two full ones. But the anchor point for the third one is situated just above the rear screen, to me partially blocking the rear view, and if the rear head restraints are up, they partially block the rear view as well.
I did promise Blue I would try to find some positive things to say about this car, and I will. Cos Blue pointed out, it is a temporary car, and I should be getting Midori back again.
I have already found one positive thing to say about this car. It's really easy to park, but as the wheels are almost at the corners of the car itself, rather than set back down the wing a little, it's hardly surprising. It also has a digital speedometer, which means you can keep a very accurate eye on the speed you are travelling at.

OK! after a drive to have my hair done and legs waxed, I have found something else I quite like about the car. It tells you how economically you are driving, with a MPG readout on the digital display. Plus the "cabin" area is quite roomy, or perhaps that is just one of those things, as the interior is pale grey which could make it feel roomier. The boot space however is very small, although there is a lift up section, with more space beneath.....perhaps the spare wheel is one of the "space saver" ones.

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