Saturday, 4 July 2009

All quiet on the North Western front

My two boys have flown the nest, only for a holiday, but they are both away for a month.
There's only Samantha and me here, and Sam is off to another festival before long. It's my birthday soon, and next week is looking to be very busy. Hospital appointments, meetings, and then enrichment at school, as well as another canal trip.
We've had some very warm weather here these last few days, today though it wasn't as warm, and when I went out I could feel the thunderstorm brewing. Sure enough by 4pm we had a thunderstorm. The rain has made the temperature more bearable, us Brits ain't designed for hot temps, even people with sallow, easy tan skin like mine, although I think I could easily become acclimatised. Would love chance to find out.
Been sewing something today and started another lot of knitting. I also bought the wool for the enrichment activity I am leading. Got a slightly funny look from the lady on the stall, until I explained why I wanted 20 x 100g balls of double knitting yarn.

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Blue said...

You're not made for hot weather, then why do your peeps go to the beach all the time? :oP