Sunday, 19 April 2009

I may have told you about these before.

Yes, it's getting silly season again here.
Early this morning I was just dozing back off to sleep, when I heard thuds, and a car alarm. That went on for a few minutes, so I looked out of the window. In the middle of the street was one of my neighbours, sat on someone, face down. He then began to repeatedly smash the person he was sat upon's face into the road, he then twisted the person's arm at a very strange angle and bashed his face onto the road some more. He was shouting abuse at the person he was sat on, and a third person was just stood there calming smoking a cigarette. I won't try to repeat the words, but I decided I should call the police. I picked up the phone in my room, only to hear my daughter's voice talking to the Police dispatcher/ know what I I put the handset back down. Samantha had fallen asleep in the living room watching TV, and the disturbance had woken her. Within minutes two Police vans arrived. But the most worrying thing for me is, in the meantime the fight had stopped and all three had gone into the same house. [Yes, it IS the house where the people who always seem to be causing a disturbance live.]
Can't say anymore, except I hope this isn't the start of things again, as last summer there seemed to be something almost every weekend, and it was only Saturday last night, so there's time for them to have another go tonight.

I really do hope not, as it took me three hours to get back to sleep after that.

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Blue said...

Yikes! You never told me about this!! Call every time if you must. I know I would.