Saturday, 4 April 2009

Why can't people be honest?

Just a quick gripe.

Why can't people be honest, they use sites designed for singles to meet, and keep quiet about the fact they are married, even put their "status" down as single. Then they start to chat up someone of their preferred sexual orientation, and don't enlighten them.
It is the words people use while chatting that give the game away however, also they unusual times they are available to chat at as well.

Yes! I have had this happen to me at least twice to my knowledge.


ambermoggie said...

What a pain:( Obviously they are the frogs, there should be a site just for prats like them

Sea said...

What a brilliant idea! I wonder if there's any money to be made from it? Joking, I have met a couple of players as well, but the one's who are married and don't admit it are the worst.

Blue said...

It's the nature of the internet. It allows the unsavoury to be whoever they want.