Saturday, 4 April 2009

Big grin

Yes, I have a big grin, from ear to ear.
Cos I'm going to my first ever real "gig" next month. I had hummed and ahhed about it for a couple of weeks, thinking perhaps the tickets were a little pricey. Anyway yesterday I asked Oliver if the price they were asking was OTT. He assured me that it wasn't, and the venue has seats, so I won't have to stand. He also said he wouldn't mind coming with me, as the gig is in Manchester at the MEN arena. month I go to see Jean Michel Jarre in concert. I have liked his music ever since he appeared on the Uk music scene in 1977 with Oxygene 4. Although I think that is the only "single" that really got anywhere in the charts, I'm not bothered. I think I only have a couple of his albums missing. And even my mobile ring tone is an adaptation of Bach's Toccata and Fugue by JMJ.
I'm sure I will enjoy the gig. I may even go to another if I enjoy it. I had wanted to go to Ozric Tentacles when they were here a couple of years back, but all the venues were standing only.

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Blue said...

I'm sure you'll really enjoy it since you've been a fan for so long. I'm glad you're treating yourself to something good. You deserve it.